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Top 10 UAE database providers in 2024


Are you looking to reach a large number of people with your next marketing campaign? Here at Download Lead Data – UAE Database Worldwide, we make it easy for you to get your message to the right people with our huge range of Dubai and UAE Business Email List. No matter if you are looking to target a specific market such as business owners, doctors, or another demographic – we have the perfect email marketing list to suit your purposes.

1. Download Lead Data

Download Lead Data - Home Page

Download Lead Data (DLD) is a leading email database provider that helps businesses to innovate their marketing strategies. DLD offers a variety of services, like web designing, SEO, and email marketing. We also offer LinkedIn Lead Generation service which leads to turning your LinkedIn network into a resource for high-quality leads.

Why Choose Us

We understand the importance of data accuracy in driving successful marketing campaigns. That’s why our UAE  Business Email Lists are constantly updated and verified to ensure high deliverability and low bounce rates. With clean and reliable data at your fingertips, you can confidently connect with your target audience and drive meaningful interactions.

At Download Lead Data, we pride ourselves on providing unparalleled customer support to ensure your satisfaction in every step of the way. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to helping you get the most out of our UAE Email Lists, offering expert guidance and assistance whenever you need it.

Benefits of UAE Business Email List

  • Increase your outreach to generate more leads and conversions
  • Navigate through the global marketplace through Geo-targeting.
  • Save on your marketing costs
  • Increase your ROI

2. DM Valid

DM Valid - Home Page

To develop the best-in-class data for sales and marketing teams, private equity firms, recruiting firms, and other organizations, DM Valid is a provider of b2b data intelligence.

In the UAE establishing connections is crucial, for business success. They accurate UAE Email List provides  with access to decision-makers, industry leaders, and potential clients. By utilizing this resource you can forge relationships that propel your business forward.

Why Choose US

Buying a DM Valid’s UAE Business Email Database for businesses to expand your reach and improve marketing efforts Firstly they database saves time and effort because They provide a list of confirmed email addresses that are specific to the UAE market. This data reduces your work of searching and verification allowing you to focus on the important tasks of businesses.

3. Data Maelumat

Data Maelumat - Home Page

Data Maelumat is a house for 45 million+ B2B customer records with the most calibrated data validation process also verified manually to implement pro-change business strategies. They have evolved as one of the most reputed, established, and leading data providers with a strong presence in APAC covering EMEA and American markets.

4. Prospect Wallet

Prospect Wallet - Home Page

Prospect Wallet is a b2b data intelligence provider – specialized in building the best-in-class data for sales & marketing teams, private equity firms, recruiting firms, and more. They offer end-to-end marketing solutions and lead generation services exclusively combined with a data-driven approach. They can provide you with the data and insights that can address your data challenges while enhancing your customer database.

5. EmailProLeads

EmailProLeads - Home Page

Emailproleads has provided this reconstruction of a typical exchange between an English-speaking business owner and a marketing consultant. Because? What are leads? Although “contacts” is often translated, it merits further investigation, just like many other digital marketing terms that are too vague and inflated. Many people are likely asking this question if SEO friends suggest we push keywords related to lead generation.

6. Leadsdubai

Leadsdubai - Home Page

Leads Dubai is a lead generation company, Leads Dubai was established in July 2013 with the aim to help companies achieve ROI from their digital marketing activities. They specialize in Google AdWords Advertising services & Social Media Marketing in UAE. They also partner with top publishers in the region to offer email marketing & sms marketing services.

Why Leads Dubai

  • They have the right data for email and SMS marketing
  • They know local business in UAE & Middle East Markets
  • They specialize in social media ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & more.
  • Certified Google Ads Partners to help you reach new customers on Google Search.

7. Database4business

database4business - Home Page

Database4Business holds the most updated 2023 and 2024 database collection of UAE that will be a priceless asset to your business goals. They provide the most reliable and result-oriented databases for myriad industries including

  • Updated UAE real estate database 2023 & 2024
  • Updated UAE high net worth individual database 2023 & 2024
  • UAE University Students Database 2023 & 2024
  • Mega events attendees database. 

8. Binary clues

binaryclues - Home Page

BinaryClues customers range from start-ups and fast-growing companies to well-established institutions; from marketing teams in small and medium-sized businesses to independent teams in large enterprise corporations. The ways they use BinaryClues to achieve their marketing objectives vary widely – the common denominator is the success they achieve.

9. Guldbusinessdatabase

Guldbusinessdatabase - Home Page

They offers a variety of Business Email Lists from Middle East, Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Oceania region with endless amount of options for you to choose. These leads are Opt-in and targeted specifically for your marketing and are most likely to generate maximum response rates.

Buy email list with verified contact information with It’s never been easier to buy an email list of good information that will help you make real connections! 

10. Wasiladatabase

Wasiladatabase - Home Page

WasilaDatabase is a premium database provider company to help you kickstart your research, project, marketing campaign, or entire business. We provide you with the reliable and latest database that adds value to your marketing efforts and reaches out to target customers.


In conclusion, the landscape of data provision in the UAE has evolved significantly, and the emergence of top-notch database providers has played a pivotal role in shaping businesses’ success strategies.  As we navigate through 2024 and beyond, these top 10 UAE database providers will continue to serve as essential partners in driving innovation, competitiveness, and sustained success in the dynamic market landscape of the United Arab Emirates.

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Asifa Khanum

Content Writer at Download Lead Data

Asifa Khanum is a Content Specialist at Download Lead Data. I fulfilled roles in marketing that shaped her interest in finding innovative solutions to modern-day problems.

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