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Google Analytics 4 Migration Guide in 2024


Welcome to my infographic blog Today we discuss about Google analytics 4 migration guide in 2024 . In October 2021 saw the release of Google Analytics 4, or GA4, a new version of the software. By June 2023, GA4 will have replaced Universal Analytics (UA), the current iteration of Google Analytics. This implies that starting in the upcoming year, everyone will be utilizing GA4, hence the thorough migration of your data is essential to prevent data loss.

For marketers who want to accurately transition their current web domains over to Google Analytics 4, we have created this complete guide. The latest version of Google Analytics (GA4) differs greatly from the version of UA that you are probably now using, and not all of UA’s functions are available in GA4.

Significant Variations to Consider Prior to Google Analytics 4 Migration

  • GA4 uses a brand-new event-based measurement (which employed events as a custom tracking option) in favor of the old page-view measurement.
  • The tags will alter from what they were if you utilize Google Tag Manager.
  • In order to store the data, a new Google Analytics property must be created.
  • You are using an entirely different UI than you were used to.
  • In Universal Analytics, certain data is shown in a way that it does not (yet) exist.

This detailed infographic will teach you the necessary procedures to properly migrate from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Unlock the full potential of GA4 and propel data-driven decision making for your company by gaining insightful knowledge about the essential features, advantages, and best practices for a smooth transition.

Google Analytics 2024 -blog by DLD

Phases of GA4 Migration

Steps for Phased Approach

Phase 1 : Create GA4 property that tracks pageviews and “standard” events

Phase 2 : Implement KPI-related events (e.g., form fills)

Phase 4 : Implement additional customized tracking (e.g., non-KPI events, custom dimensions, integrations)

Phase 5 : Once the data is collected, conduct a full implementation audit and make any necessary adjustments.

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