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The Pillars of Digital Marketing Success


Your company is losing a lot of money if it doesn’t invest in digital marketing or if it does and you’re utilizing the incorrect tactics.

You are well aware of the fact that our world is entirely digital. Today, there are over 6.6 billion smartphone owners worldwide, and 85% of American consumers use the internet daily. Every day, millions of individuals spend an hour or more on social media, and millions more use internet search engines for shopping, education, and other purposes.

In this blog, we’ll look at the recipe for digital marketing success — digital marketing elements, digital marketing components you’ll want to add to your strategy.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing refers to anything that exists in the way-too-worldwide-web and is designed to drive consumers to a certain product or service. You may also hear it referred to as online marketing.

Digital marketing encompasses a multitude of formats, including social media, email, websites, online ads, blog entries, and video. Although it has existed since the 1990s, its popularity has increased throughout the last ten years due to increased internet accessibility.

What goes into a great digital marketing strategy?

Let’s get one thing straight: There’s no perfect, fool-proof digital marketing strategy. We wish there were some kind of magic formula that could turn your amazing business into a household name with the simple flick of social, video, and Google ad wands! But the strategies are as varied as the businesses themselves.

The best digital marketing strategies include these essential elements:

Digital marketing strategies by DLD

1: An audience-focused social strategy

Instead of posting tons of content across every social media platform, the best digital marketing strategies focus solely on the social platforms your ideal customers use.

2: High-quality content

Effective digital strategies are built on thoughtful, intentional, well-researched content. Whether you’re publishing articles, putting out a podcast, writing newsletters, or making videos, make sure every piece you post is something to be proud of.

3: Smart SEO

What good is the best content in the world, directed right at your target audience, if it’s undiscoverable? That’s where smart SEO comes in! And you don’t have to overhaul your entire website to benefit from the power of keywords.

The major components of digital marketing:

Major components of digital marketing by DLD

1. Search engine optimization (SEO)

The foundation for successful digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) refers to a number of strategies designed to boost your rankings in online search results.

2. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an excellent strategy for maintaining a presence in search results while you establish organic rankings with SEO. If you’re looking to boost your rankings quickly, PPC can start driving qualified leads to your site the minute your ads go live — and it’s an affordable option for businesses in most industries.

3. Web design

ltimately, the digital marketing components you use drive leads back to your website — and you want your site to leave a positive impression on potential customers. Nearly 95 percent of a person’s first impression relates to web design, so it’s a crucial factor in your online marketing plan.

4. Content marketing

In order to boost your search rankings and help potential customers learn more about your business, you need to incorporate content into your digital marketing strategy. If you’re looking to earn more leads and revenue, content marketing is a great strategy, considering it generates 3x more leads than traditional marketing.

5. Social media marketing

A whopping 2.3 billion people use social media, making it a valuable digital marketing component. Social media allows you to connect with current and potential customers — and develop relationships with them. If they have questions about your products and services, they can connect and ask you directly on social media.

6. Email marketing

Another component of successful digital marketing, email marketing can earn you $44 for every $1 invested — an ROI of 4400 percent. Since people opt-in to receive your emails, you know they are interested in the products and services you offer. A great lead-nurturing strategy, email marketing allows you to follow up with potential customers and send custom information about products or services that interest them.

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Asifa Khanum

Content Writer at Download Lead Data

Asifa Khanum is a Content Specialist at Download Lead Data. I fulfilled roles in marketing that shaped her interest in finding innovative solutions to modern-day problems.

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