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Programmatic SEO: What is it and why your business needs it


As search algorithms have grown more sophisticated and user behavior has evolved, achieving top rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs) through manual optimization has become increasingly challenging. The solution – programmatic search engine optimization (SEO).


To optimize webpages, programmatic SEO integrates analytics, automation technologies, and machine learning. By utilizing data-driven insights to find and fix SEO obstacles, it helps boost organic search traffic by putting websites ahead of rivals in search engine results.

What Is Programmatic SEO?

Let’s establish “standard” search engine optimization before moving on to programmatic SEO. An effective marketing tactic is search engine optimization (SEO), which increases your website’s visibility on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


Link building and social media interaction are examples of off-site activities that are included, as is optimizing the content on your website for keywords associated with your offering of goods or services.

How To Create Programmatic SEO Pages?

Here’s an overview of implementing a programmatic SEO strategy to increase organic search traffic and boost rankings for your eCommerce business:

Steps for create Programmatic SEO pages | DLD |

Step 1: Keyword Research

Kicking off a programmatic SEO campaign starts with keyword research. This essential step allows you to identify your business’s most relevant and valuable search terms.

Step 2: Page Template Design

The content template is the most critical aspect of programmatic SEO. It should cater to user search intent, include all your target keywords and provide valuable, relevant content for users. Otherwise, you risk Google not indexing these pages.

Step 3: Data Collection

Some websites have static content that doesn’t change, while others, like investing sites, require daily updates. It’s essential to avoid creating thin content, so ensure you’ve done thorough research to provide substantial and unique information.

Step 4: Building a Database with Content and Labels

Once you have the data, your next step is to compile it into a database and tag it with associated labels. This enables you to determine which content is relevant for each page template.

Step 5: CMS Collection and Page Template Creation

You can create the pages manually or use a headless content management system (CMS) like Contently.

Benefits Of Programmatic SEO

With programmatic SEO, your business can maintain its competitiveness in the online market. It increases the likelihood that prospective customers will find your brand by elevating your website’s position in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Some notable benefits of programmatic SEO include:

  • Scale and automate time-consuming processes quickly, including updating webpages in response to algorithm changes.
  • Track, observe, and evaluate data to obtain insightful knowledge about how well your website is performing.
  • Analyze and monitor your competition’s performance on search engines.
  • Generate targeted content for specific keywords or variations.
  • Respond quickly to changes in market trends.

The Drawbacks of Programmatic SEO

Drawbacks of Programmatic SEO | DLD |

• Potential Duplicate Content

Using the same template for your web pages can lead to duplicate content issues. To avoid this, ensure that each page has unique content. Integrating user-generated content, such as reviews or comment sections, can be a great way to achieve this.

• Google Indexing Issues

Google may only index some of your pages due to limited resources, especially if you add a large number of pages quickly. To speed up indexing, focus on creating a solid site architecture with internal links and building external links.

• Google Penalties for Thin or Automatically Generated Content

Google advises against using automatically generated or thin content that solely focuses on keywords without providing value to users.

Implement A Lucrative Programmatic SEO Campaign with Thrive

Programmatic SEO can be a lucrative strategy for the right business if implemented correctly. It’s a cost-efficient way to scale content production and increase organic search traffic, engagement and leads.


When creating your programmatic SEO plan, focus on the user experience by providing valuable content that helps them solve their query. Additionally, it’s important to perform a technical SEO audit and optimize your pages regularly to enhance user experience further.


For the best results, consider partnering with a programmatic SEO agency. Thrive, a leading technical SEO agency, offers complete technical SEO services. Our experts will perform an in-depth technical SEO audit and develop strategies to increase search traffic.

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