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Do Not Sell My Data

We will never sell your private data unless you give us permission:

  • Download Under the CCPA’s broad definition of “sell,” which includes even the usual flow of data in the digital analytics and advertising ecosystem, Lead Data does “sell” personal information, but only with specific consent. 
  • Download Lead Data, like the majority of organizations that operate websites and services, uses online analytics to measure how users engage with them. We can better understand how we promote online as a result of this data. 
  • Download Lead Data uses third-party vendors to collect device identifiers and post tags, cookies, beacons, and other tracking technologies on our digital domains and third-party websites in order to deliver these analytics and facilitate online advertising.

For example, if a consumer visits, we may ask a third party to assist with the placement of Download Lead Data advertisements on a certain website. Third-party service providers for Download Lead Data accomplish this by placing a cookie on a user’s browser that allows them to track if the same browser has visited other websites. Similarly, when third parties sell advertising space on digital domains, they may utilize identifiers such as cookies for websites or the device’s mobile Ad ID for apps to enable advertisers to bid in real-time.

As part of its personalized marketing program, Download Lead Data collects and evaluates data from sources such as device and network diagnostic information and broadband information. This data helps Download Lead Data understand more about user preferences. Based on this data, Download Lead Data creates “audience segments” that can be used by Prospect Wallet or sold to other parties to make advertisements more relevant to you. When purchasing audience segments, Download Lead Data does not sell information that directly identifies clients, such as name, address, or email.

If you have any doubts regarding the use of our services, Contact us now! Email: [email protected]

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