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Data Security Policy

  • Download Lead Data has put in place rules and procedures to safeguard our data assets, which may include your personal information. Data is only accessible to certified personnel with legitimate business purposes. 
  • We take reasonable steps to guarantee that our business partners have suitable data security mechanisms in place. To safeguard personal data from unauthorized access and disclosure, we use commercially appropriate security measures that are compatible with our company operations and industry standards. 
  • Among the steps implemented are technical, physical, and administrative security safeguards.
  • Everyone at Download Lead Data is required to complete privacy and security training. 
  • Due to the vigilance in the program in place, Download Lead Data also has a third-party service provider to ensure that our vendors are utilizing acceptable data collection, processing, transfer, management, and security methods while conducting services on our behalf. 
  • We cannot guarantee or assure the security of any information you provide to us, and you realize and agree that you do so at your own risk.
  •  We will make every attempt to keep your information secure on our systems once we get it. Download Lead Data has rules and procedures in place to securely handle data and safeguard it from unauthorized access, and we regularly examine our data privacy, information assurance, and data security standards. 
This is done in the following ways:
  • limiting employee access to information
  • Protecting user information against unauthorized access by employing data encryption, authentication, and virus detection technology as appropriate.
  • Establishing Effective policies and methods for secure information management
  • Assuring that service providers with whom we do business comply with applicable data privacy laws and regulations
  • Trusted online security organizations monitor our websites.
  • Conducting background checks on employees and informing them about data privacy
  • Our data privacy, information management, and data security policies and processes are always being evaluated.

If you have any doubts regarding the use of our services, Contact us now! Email: [email protected]


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